DIY Photoreceptor or Drum

A photorecepter is the part in a copy machine that helps develop the image for each copy.  It works on the principle of static electricity.  Analog copiers use light from mirrors and digital copiers use a laser to discharge non-image areas to create the invisable latent image.  Then toner is introduced that is opposite charge that of the drum and basically sucked onto the drum.  This was only a quick lesson in theory there is much more that we will cover in the developer Unit on my next blog entry.

One of the most popular things for an inexperienced and/or a dishonest copier repair person to say is,”you need a new drum.”  When in reality your equipment just needs to be cleaned.  They are either lazy, inexperienced or crooked.  Many times all that needs to be changed is the drum blade.  Think of the drum blade as a windshield wiper on your car.  After a lot of use it quits working properly and leaves streaks.  It is the same with a drum blade.

If you have a question regarding the replacement of your photoreceptor or drum or how to make sure you need it replaced, post a comment here.

Be sure to leave the Make and the Model and a good description of the copy quality and we can help!


5 thoughts on “DIY Photoreceptor or Drum

  1. I have a Canon NP2020 copier that is leaving black streaks across the copies. From what you describe here, it sounds like it might need the drum blade replaced? How is this done? Where can I find the part I need?

    1. The 2020 requires a “drum Unit” These are easy to replace just slide it in. I found one on amazon

      You can try to replace the drum Blade if you want to try it. It requires diassembly.

      Need to Vaccum out toner sump and clean charge roller. I use plain soap and water, NO Solvents. If the lines wipe off with dry cotton towel then a blade will fix it. If you see grooves in drum you will need to replace the assembly.

  2. We have an HP 4050N, and were noticing the “toner low” messages. My wife pulled the cartridge out, shook it lightly, then replaced it. From then on, the printer produces blank pages. We ordered a refurbished toner cartridge, but after I replaced it we are still getting blank pages. Manual troubleshooter gives not removing the sealing strip (which I had done) and empty toner as the reasons for a blank page.

    Any ideas what we might have inadvertently done? The printer worked great up until the cartridge was removed that first time.

  3. My Epson AcuLaser C1100 is giving the error: Photoconductor Unit needs replacing. Do I need to: clean the unit and replace the drum blade (are there any reset chips that need resetting or replacing); replace the drum; or replace the printer. Product Code: S051104

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