Paper Jams

5 Things that cause Jamming in the Fuser

My printer/copier/fax machine is jamming in the exit.

Jamming in the exit or fuser assembly can be caused by five things.

  1. Bad separation fingers ; These can also be called;Separation Claws, Scrapers, Pick off Pawls.  The fingers are small ceramic claws that ride against the upper roller.   They are normally spring  loaded.

    When these go bad it will do an accordion type of jam.  They could be worn , broken or out of position.  There  is normally a spring on them for pressure to the upper heat roller.

  2. Bad heat rollers; The teflon coating will wear off and the paper will stick and cause jamming.
  3. Brocken gear(s); If the gear is broken the paper can’t get through.
  4. Sensor or sensor lever flag; This should be the last thing you check, uncommon fault.  Test with simulations , multi meter or replace with known good sensor.
  5. Dirty Fuser entrance guide;  This will cause wrinkling, creases in paper and  jamming.

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