DIY Parts


Where can I buy parts?
In the past it was hard  and almost impossible to get parts.  In the age of the internet you can google a part number and have many companies you can choose to buy from.

Should I buy OEM or Generic Parts?

I don’t have an easy answer for you.  I always use OEM feed rollers.  I have been burned by crappy generic rollers.  If you have to return and replace them again there goes the money you thought you saved.  I like  to buy refurbished fusers.  Generic copier drums on most of the equipment have worked well for me also.  I just ask myself what are the odds this will not work and what is the total cost, even having to return with a replacement.  What is the manufacturer guarantee?

Where can I get part numbers or part books or catalogs?

You can google the make and model of the equipment and may find a free download but at a cost of getting a virus or giving your e-mail out and live with spam.  I like this service guide source, because they give you the parts along with the service guide for a reasonable price.


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