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Should I Use Generic Toner?

Good Question.  Of course it is only my opinion but I don’t have a problem with generic or compatible toner for office equipment.  Here is how I explain my stance on the subject.  If I just purchased a $5000.00 to $10,000.00 copier or printer I would only use the OEM or original toner.  On the other hand if I had an older copier I wouldn’t mind so much.

toner cartridge

I have tried quite a few generics and I feel very confident in Hewlett-Packard black and white compatibles (from a reputable supplier) but not so much the color compatibles.  If you install generic toner into your nice copier and it doesn’t work so well and you may end up having to change the developer.  I had bad results with Ricoh Generic copier toner.  It threw off the toner sensor system and I had to replace the developer to get it to make good copies again plus it made a mess.  Here are the actual costs.  The price of toner, developer, my labor (if you had to pay a technician, oh boy!) pain and grief, lost time.

Saving a few bucks actually cost me!  I stay away from generic copier toner for that reason.  Hewlett Packard B/W generic printer toner is a different story I use it all the time.  The cartridges are “all in one” meaning that if it doesn’t work you can just replace the whole cartridge and get your money back.  It wont damage anything.  Not so with a copier with dual component. (Developer and toner).  I think you get my point.  It really depends on you and if your willing to take the chance.

Have any questions about toner?


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