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Copier Care 101

Reliable copying is a basic need of the office. By following some of these suggestions, you will enhance the reliability of your machine by minimizing down time and maximizing the return on your investment.

•Key Operator
Assign a key operator to your copier. The key operator must be able to handle simple problems and identify any break downs requiring service . When you have a consistent problem , notify your service department. Also, try and have patience. It will do you and the service company a world of good.

Xerox Photocopier
Xerox Photocopier

Carefully choose the location of your copier. Avoid situating the machine where it is likely to be jarred. You should avoid extremes in temperature, exposure to direct sunlight, open windows, air conditioners or heater units.

Heed the “add toner” indicator. When the toner in the machine is depleted, copy quality will degenerate. You might also damage the developer material inside the machine if you continue to use the machine. It is a good idea to have at least 1 extra bottle or container of toner at all times. Have the key operator call as soon as the last toner is used thereby avoiding costly down time.

•Paper Clips and Staples
Do not put staples or paper clips on top of or near the copier. Serious damage can occur such as a scratched drum or electrical short when one of these finds its way inside the machine. Keep beverages and other liquids away from the copier.

•Paper Jams
Approach paper jams with care. Do not use any tool or sharp object inside machine. Store paper in a dry area, humidity can cause paper jams and copy quality problems. Remove any damaged paper or dog-eared pieces before installation. Carefully fan the paper before installing it in the paper Cassette.

•Cleaning The Glass
Frequently clean the platen glass. Use glass cleaner but if you have a automatic document feeder it is recommended that you use an anti-static cleaner. (Brillianize ) can be bought at a hardware store.


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