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Fix Your Copier With Google!

Many problems with office equipment are universal. Each machine has its own quirks and flaws. With so much information on the World Wide Web, chances are that the solution to the problem with your copier, printer or most other office equipment will be waiting for you to find with the click of a mouse. If I have a problem that I can’t figure out or I need to know what an error code is or even a part number, I use google to find it. Google is my search engine of choice but any good search engine will do the trick. The keywords that you use to search for this information are the keys to success.

Here is an example of a problem that I had the other day. I was working on a Ricoh Fax 3310 fax machine that had a SC 544 error code. I just googled “SC 544 error” and Google came up with several results and they all were pointing to the fuser assembly. I tested the fuser and replaced the thermistor. This model won’t just reset itself even if you fix the problem and unplug it. You must use a reset procedure. I then googled “Ricoh fax 3310 reset” and again I had many results and I found the entire reset procedure. Normally I have all the service guides for each machine, but I was without my laptop and rather than go back to the office I just googled it.

Key words are very important. If you are searching for a part, using the part number as your keyword will help you come up with more accurate results. So, if I need a drum unit for a Ricoh fax 3310, use “Ricoh, fax, 3310, drum for the key words. You will have many results, but to increase the results look through those results and find the part number, “411113” then use it as a keyword.

If you’re not that mechanically inclined you can also use the web to find out important information. To see if your repair technician is in the ballpark with their estimate. Are their repairs or even their diagnosis correct? You don’t have to be a repair person to look these things up it’s so simple. Many times I’ve searched using just the make, model and error code and presto I have my answer and you can do the same. The internet is a wonderful thing!


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