Broken Paper Tray on an HP Laser Jet 4250

This article is with reference to the Paper tray Part Number  RM1-1088 that is used in the LaserJet 4200, 4300, 4250 and 4350.   The plastic guide that adjusts for the length of paper on the tray will break.  It also looks like they were designed to break. Hewlett Packard has also elected to use the same weak part on their new P4515 series.  The tray retails for over $100.00.   Pretty hefty amount but now you can buy just the guide and save a lot of money.

Tray design flaw

Problem:  The paper back stop has a molding flaw and you can see it in a new tray. There is a place on the back stop that has a weak spot. If you look carefully it looks like a crack. The weight of the paper puts strain on that point of the tray and will break right in this area every time. If you fill your tray with 500 sheets, (this is what it is designed for) the paper is very heavy and when the end-user pushes it in hard (and you know they do) Snap there it goes! Then you will get either a 43.1, 60.xx or 13.1 error code because the tray is not set to the proper size and it causes confusion in the programming of the printer.

I do have a preventative measure. Setting the tray to the size you need  and applying tape to the back stop before it breaks. The main problem with this is that you can’t adjust the size.   The best solution is to repair it.  There are now repair kits for the Guide.. The part number is RM1-0030  Paper Tray Kit.  It will fit in HP Laser Jet 4200, 4300, 4250, 4340, 4350, P4014, P4015 and P4515 printers.  Google Tray repair kits for hp 4250 or go to EBAY to find them. Yes, you can now repair them (For a lot less) instead of buying a complete tray!



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