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How to Fix a Broken Paper Tray on an HP Laser Jet 4250 Printer

This article is in reference to the paper tray P/N RM1-1088 that is used in the HP LaserJet 4250 series printer.   There is a plastic guide with a blue handle that adjusts  the length of the paper.  The molding on all of them has a weak point embedded on them and the tray will break at that point every time.   If you inspect closely you will see it,  the molding has a small crack already from the factory.  I have noticed that they made a change sometime after 2002.  The edge on the guide is a bit shorter, but they still break in the same area…good try.

Paper Tray Guide 4250
Break Point on Paper Tray Guide

The tray P/N RM1-1088 retails for over $100.00 US, but now you can purchase just the guide and save a quite lot of money.

Tray Design Flaw

Problem:   The weight of the paper puts strain on that point of the tray and it will break in this area every time. If you fill your tray with 500 sheets, (this is what it is designed for) the paper is very heavy and when the end-user pushes it in hard (and you know they do) snap there it goes!  When this part breaks the printer will get 43.1, 60.02 and 13.01 error codes.  This is because the tray wont lift (60.XX), the paper gets pushed back and wont feed, (13.01). and the  43.1 error happens because the printer thinks it is feeding Legal size paper but its not.  It’s feeding Letter size and that causes  confusion in the programming of the printer.

Temporary Fix:  If it breaks, set the length to the size that you need and use packing tape to keep it from moving until you can fix it right.  The best solution is to repair it.  There are now repair kits for this Guide. The part number is RM1-0030  and the description is ” Paper Tray Kit”.  It will fit in HP LaserJet models 4200, 4300, 4250, 4340, 4350, P4014, P4015 and P4515 printers.   Yes, you can now repair them (For a lot less) instead of buying a complete tray!



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