HP Printer Keeps Asking me to Load Paper in Tray 1

This is the most common service call I get for Hewlett Packard Printers. The customer says the printer is prompting them to load paper in tray 1.  Why would the printer do this?  Here is why…The computer sent a print job to the printer that is “Letter” size and the type is “Plain.”  The paper tray in the printers paper handling menu is set for paper size “Letter” and type is set for “Labels.”  You don’t have the proper Type selected.  The best way to fix this is to change the printers type of paper to “ANY.”  This way even if your computer sends a different “TYPE”  it will print.
                                         Load Tray 1 Plain Letter

Hewlett Packard LaserJet M601
Another possibility is the paper tray guides are not set to the correct length.  So the computer sends the print job to the printer  that is “Letter” size and the type is “Plain.” and the printers paper guide is set to “B5″ which is some European length. It won’t work. These are examples of course but there are many different scenarios that this could be.  If you understand that the computer job size must match the printer job size you’ll be printing to the correct paper tray in no time.  Also, In the same way.  If the paper tray is broken it will do the same thing.  So I tell my customers to check the position of their paper tray guides each time they reload paper and make sure the guides are not broken or not adjusted incorrectly.

To Change the Paper Handling Setting.
Press the Menu button and use the UP ARROW or the DOWN ARROW  to scroll to the Paper Handling Menu.  In the paper handling Menu, select the correct size and the correct type of paper.


“Tray 2 Size” LETTER
“Tray 2 Type.” ANY *Example


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