Error Codes, Paper Jams

13.01 ERROR Loading Paper Trays on HP Laser Printers

Many times Jamming occurs because the paper tray is not set correctly;

Follow the steps below.

Loading Tray 2 or optional Tray 3, 4…

1.)  Pull the tray out of the product.

2.)  Remove all of the paper from the Paper Tray.

3.)  On the rear paper-length guide, press on the blue tab and adjust it so that the pointer matches the paper size that you are loading. (LETTER)
4.)  Place the paper in the tray and make sure that it is flat at all four corners. Keep the paper below the height tabs on the paper-length guide in the rear of the tray.
5.)  Reinstall the tray.
6.)  The printer display will ask if “Letter, Plain” is correct.

To Accept Setting press or wait and it will Auto Save.


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