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How to Fix 13.02, 13.03 and 13.98 Error Codes on HP Laser Printers

If your HP Laser printer is frequently Jamming, take a look in the Error Log.  If you see these errors you more than likely have a bad paper feed solenoid.  If you have more than one tray having jamming issues, the paper feed solenoid could be bad in that assembly also.

This article is really about Hewlett Packard’s Infamous Feed Solenoids. There are many part numbers for the same part, but most Hewlett Packard Laser Printers use a paper feed solenoid similar to part number RK2-0269.  This Part number is technically for the LaserJet 4200/4300/4250/4350 series printer, but will work in many others. The problem with these is that the material that HP chose is CRAP! Time and usage makes the foam on the solenoid plunger plate stick. The material loses is sponginess and becomes like glue. This causes the Solenoid to stick as it feeds and the feed roller will push an extra sheet of paper  into the machine. ( Sensors  know that this is wrong) and thus causing the errors to occur. Errors 13.02, 13.03 and 13.98. If I see these ERRORS when I print and Review the Error Log, I know That RK2-0269 is causing the issue.  I have videos on replacing the solenoids just go to my video page and look for what you need.

HP LaserJet 4250 Replacing Tray 2 Paper Feed Solenoid for 13.02 Jams

Installing these is fairly easy for anyone with mechanical aptitude and a Phillips number two screwdriver.
Note:It is not necessary to remove the Fuser Assembly or the Toner Cartridge.

Step 1.) Begin by removing all Optional Equipment.
Step 2.) Paper Tray 2
Step 3.) Remove Tray 2 extension door /Paper Tray Dust Cover.
a.) Carefully flex the Tray 2 extension door to release the hinge pin near the power cord side of the product.
b.) Rotate the Tray 2 extension door to the horizontal position, and then pull up on the keyed hinge pin to release the door.
Step 4.) Swing open the rear output bin.
Step 5.) Remove the top-accessory cover if stacker is not installed. Lift the top-accessory cover up and off the product.
Step 6.) Remove Formatter Assembly.
Remove 2 screws or 2 thumb screws and grasp the formatter cage and then slide it away from the machine to remove it.
NOTE: When you reinstall the formatter cage, open the formatter-cage door before you fully seat the formatter cage, and verify that the formatter PCA connector is aligned with the connector on the product chassis.
Step 8.) Remove the Top cover
a.) 4 screws… 2 under the top-accessory cover and 2 under the toner cartridge cover.
b.) Use needle-nose pliers to release the print-cartridge drive-arm tab

CAUTION: The accessory pin (located in the left-rear corner of the cover) is not captive.  Grasp the rear side of the cover and the lid of the cover then lift up and off of the machine. Make sure that the Toner Cartridge Drive Arm is down (Engaged) so that it is out of the way.

Step 9.) Remove the Right Side Cover.
NOTE: When reinstalling the cover make sure that the power switch connecting Rod goes in between the on/off switch Lever guide inside the cover.

Step 10.) Swing the power switch lever out of the way

 power sw arm

Step 11.) Remove the wiring (2 pin connector) Remove the screw holding the Paper Feed Solenoid on the machine. Remove the solenoid and replace it with a new Solenoid. Put everything back in reverse order. You’re done!


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