Error Codes

Hewlett Packard M451 color Printer Error Codes

 Event log messages
The event log is located on the configuration page (labeled Status Log) and lists the last five events.

Event-log messages                         Error log code Description

10.0000 Black e-label error
10.0001 Cyan e-label error
10.0002 Magenta e-label error
10.0003 Yellow e-label error
10.1000 Black e-label missing
10.1001 Cyan e-label missing
10.1002 Magenta e-label missing
10.1003 Yellow e-label missing
10.3000 Non-HP black
10.3001 Non-HP cyan
10.3002 Non-HP magenta
10.3003 Non-HP yellow
13.0000 Paper jam, Tray 1 area
13.0001 Paper jam, Tray 2 area
13.0003 Paper jam, registration drum area
13.0004 Paper jam, drum fuser area
13.0005 Paper jam, fuser output area
20.0000 Memory out
21.0000 Video under run
50.1000 Low temperature fuser error
50.2000 Slow fuser error
50.3000 High temperature fuser error
50.4000 Fuser heater wire failure
50.5000 Fuser low temperature subtherm failure
50.6000 Fuser high temperature subtherm failure
52.0000 Scanner error, black laser failure
52.0100 Scanner error, cyan laser failure
52.0200 Scanner error, magenta laser failure
52.0300 Scanner error, yellow laser failure
54.0600 Density sensor error
54.1000 Color plane registration sensor error
54.2800 Sensor density contaminated
54.2801 Sensor color plane registration contaminated
55.0000 Engine comm fatal error
55.0001 Engine comm critical error
55.1000 DC controller memory error
57.02       Fan Error Problem with its internal fan.
59.0000 ITB rotation failure
59.0001 ITB ramp up failure
101.0000 Color-plane registration error
102.0000 DMAX calibration error
103.0000 DHALF calibration error