Color Alignment Problems on a LaserJet M451dn printer

Color Alignment Problems

If you print a supplies status page, under printers control panel menu reports, you can check alignment. Note the shift on the Magenta Cartridge display. It is not aligned with the toner symbol (Rack of Cue Balls) the customer will experience blurry print jobs and image offset.

Supply Status Page with Magenta not aligned correctly.

Color Alignment Problem
Color Alignment Problem

Note: Cartridges install dates and if the issue started to happen after a specific toner replacement. The new toner may be causing this issue.

Assuming you are using HP original toners please try to reboot unit without consumables and when printer asks for them re-install them one by one.

Perform 1 or 2 full color calibrations if needed and check if issue persists by printing Supply Status report.

Check for 54.xx errors under event log entries section that would confirm the Color plane registration issue.

If issue persists you should check and clean the color misregistration sensor assembly.

You may also perform an NVRAM init reset. (Warning: This will erase Network settings… Print all configuration pages before you do this)

If issue persists Replace the following components starting with the ITB…

a.) Intermediate transfer belt (ITB) RM1-4852. Both M451 and CP2025 series
Note: The ITB was the problem I recently had with the sample above. Why it only affected the magenta I don’t know.

PRO 300 PRO 400 Series b.) Color misregistration sensor assembly P/N RM1-8029

CP2020 Series b.) Color misregistration sensor assembly P/N RM1-4850