Print or Copy Quality

Symptoms of a Bad Drum

A photoconductor is the part in a copy machine that helps develop the image for each copy.  It works on the principle of static electricity.  Analog copiers use light from mirrors and digital copiers use a laser to discharge non-image areas to create the invisable latent image.  Then toner is introduced that is opposite charge that of the drum and is basically sucked onto the drum.

Photoconductor Process
Photoconductor Process

One of the most popular things for an inexperienced and/or a dishonest copier repair person to say is,”you need a new drum.”  When in reality your equipment just needs to be cleaned.  They are either lazy, inexperienced or crooked.  Many times all that needs to be changed is the drum blade.  Think of the drum blade as a windshield wiper on your car.  After a lot of use it quits working properly and leaves streaks.  It is the same with a drum blade.

Essentially,  if you see a hole or a nasty scratch on your drum, you can’t fix it.  You wont be able to get that mark off of there.  But, if you see a line or mark on your drum, take a clean soft cloth (no chemicals or liquid) and see if you can wipe it off. If it wipes off then replacing the drum blade will help.

If you have a question regarding the replacement of your photoconductor or drum or to make sure if you need it replaced, post a comment here.  I am happy to give you my best advise.

Be sure to leave the Make and the Model and a good description of the copy quality and we can help.  Take a photo of the print or copy and email it to


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