Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 4200, Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4240, Paper Jams

Rebuilding Optional 500 Sheet Paper Feeder P/N Q2440B

Rebuilding Optional 500 Sheet Paper Feeder P/N Q2440B for the Hewlett Packard 4200, 4300 4240, 4250 and 4350 Printer Series

The Paper feed solenoid at some point will need to be replaced because of Jamming issues. You will experience 13.98, 13.02, 13.03 errors. Look at the error log in diagnostics menu. I test the solenoid by using the paper path test and run 10 single sided prints and pay attention to the timing of the prints coming out. If the solenoid is bad you will notice it begin to pause or I liken it to burping. If it’s real bad it will just jam and you will get the errors listed. Some of you will opt to buy a new unit from EBAY but I’ll warn you that buying a used one leaves you with the same problem. I recommend buying a new one or rebuilding your existing unit.

Q2440B 500 Sheet Paper Feeder

Parts Needed
RK2-0269 Paper Feed Solenoid
RM1-0037 Roller x2
RM1-0036 Roller x1

Tools needed
Phillips #2 screwdriver
Small blade regular screwdriver
Needle nose Plyers

Time to repair
1 hour to 1.5 hours first time.

Optional video for this repair

Begin by removing the paper tray

 Remove 2 screws and remove cover

Remove 2 screws and remove cover.

 Remove 2 screws and lift off plate and remove connecters.

Pull the side of the rear cover and then push tab to remove rear cover.

Remove 1 screw and pull plastic holder off. Remove 1 connector and 1 spring and remove tray lift motor assembly.

Remove 4 screws and 1 connector            

Remove 2 screws on the bottom left rear and 1 screw on the bottom right rear of unit.
NOTE: There is one shorter screw. It is the one on the right bottom rear. Be sure to reinstall it in this location.

Remove 2 screws from bottom rear side.
CAUTION: You may have to use a sharp object to clean the screw head out or you will strip the screw.

Remove bottom plate.
Remove clip and bushing then pull out shaft and gear.
CAUTION: Don’t lose these parts!

Remove connector and note the wiring configuration. (It wraps itself twice)
Remove 3 silver screws and 1 black screw (Solenoid)

Remove the Pickup drive assembly.
CAUTION: The gear circled will fall off! (It’s not clipped on).

Remove and replace Paper Feed Solenoid (RK2-0269) Reinstall all components in reverse order.

Replace Paper Feed Rollers
RM1-0037 Roller x2
RM1-0036 Roller x1

That’s it you’re Done!


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