Hewlett Packard P4014

59.40, 59.50 and 59.60 errors on the HP LaserJet P4515 printer

LaserJet P4010 and P4510 Series Printers
Hewlett Packard LaserJet P4014, P4015 and P4515 Printers
59.40, 59.50 and 59.60 Error “Theory”

This article is an attempt to understand the cause and theory behind the 59.40, 59.50 and 59.60 errors in the LaserJet P4010 and P4510 Series printers, and the other problems they cause.  Simply put, there is an issue of hesitation or drag in the rotation of the drum drive motor (M102).

The following information comes from the Hewlett Packard LaserJet P4010 and P4510 Series, Service Manual, Page 287 in “Control-panel messages

Control panel message                    Description                           

59.XY ERROR                              A temporary printing error occurred.

For help press? Alternates with 59.XY ERROR, to continue turn off then on.

Recommended action
 Inspect the DC controller PCA and verify that the following connectors are firmly seated.

◦ Drum motor (M102) to connector J87

◦ Feed motor (M101) to connector J91

◦ Fusing motor (M299) to connector J89

There is a cable between the drum motor and the DC controller. Both Ends of the cable need to be firmly seated.
If the error persists, from the DIAGNOSTICS menu, run the component tests for each motor to verify that they are  operating. If any of the motors is not operating, replace the motor.

What does the XY mean after the 59?
X is telling you which motor is having the problem.
Y tells you which color it is.  0 = Black
(M102) Drum Drive Motor is a 24 DC volt brushless motor P/N – RL1-1659

What is the problem?
More than likely you will encounter this error with a refurbished toner cartridge. The problem is that the drum blade that cleans the photoconductor is either…

  1. Defective
  2. Does not have the proper drum (photoconductor) lubrication.


The toner cartridge comes in two different versions.
CC364X Black, High Capacity Toner Cartridge       Yield 24,000 pages Approximate
CC364A Black, Standard Toner Cartridge               Yield 10,000 pages Approximate

Diagram of how the drum blade interacts with the photoconductor

The solution to all of this is just to replace the toner cartridge.  So why did I spend so  much time on this issue?  In addition to replacing the cartridge it can also damage the drive gears.  That would mean an expensive repair caused by a incorrectly refurbished toner cartridge.  When these gears strip you will hear a high pitched whinning sound and get paper jams under the toner cartridge because the drum assists the paper as it goes through the machine.

The Repair
You will need to replace the drum drive assembly P/N RC2‑2484 and also the drum drive motor P/N RL1-1659
Stripped Drum Motor Gear
drum drive gear motor
Stripped Gear on Drum Drive Assembly
drum drive gear assembly

Here is a Video on replacing the Drum Drive Motor and Assembly.

Drum Blades
The drum blades are normally made of urethane.  A strong rubber type of material.  You can liken a drum blade to a windshield wiper.  And just like your wipers they start to streak when they are worn.  You will also get drum blade chatter if not properly lubricated.  If you do not have the proper lubrication it can also flip and damage the drum.  On this type of photoconductor the lubrication most widely used would be Kynar Powder.  Using toner also is acceptable but builders like the Kynar because its not as messy and the residual will remain longer, thus preventing drum blade problems.  This prevents the blade from dragging or locking up or even flipping.  I made some quick videos of manually turning the drum on a defective cartridge after a 59 error and one of a newly opened cartridge and the difference is amazing.  It was definitely much more difficult to turn compared to the new cartridge.

Here is the Defective Cartridge with the 59 error

Here is the Good Cartridge for Comparison


What the Drum Drive Motor does.
The drum drive motor drives the components inside of the toner cartridge.  The following are some of the components that are being driven by the drum drive motor.

*Developer or Magnetic roller
*Primary charge roller (PCR)
*Various drive gears

The idea behind purchasing refurbished toner cartridges is saving money, well maybe even the recycling aspect but when they start causing damage to the printer you may want to rethink using them in this model.


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