Error Codes

60.X errors in HP LaserJet 4250 Series Printer

A 60 .X error means that the machine is experiencing a problem with the paper tray lift motor.  Here is the description and the recommended action HP gives for the 60.X error.

60.2 printer error
The tray 2 lifter-motor is not functioning.
1 Turn the printer off and then on.
2 If the error persists, turn the printer off.
3 Verify that the tray 2 lifter wire-harness is full seated in its connector on the dc controller PCA (location J93).
4 Replace the tray 2 lifter-driver assembly. See Tray 2 lifter-drive assembly.
5 Replace the dc controller PCA. See Dc controller PCA.

Notice that the error 60.X in where X=The specific tray having the problem.
60.2 = tray 2
60.3 = tray 3
60.4 = tray 4

In my experience I have never replaced a dc controller or a tray lift motor for this error code.  I’m sure that there have been cases of this but doesn’t happen very often.  The more popular issue has been a broken paper tray.

Tray Length Guide-RM1-1088
Paper Tray Length Guide

The rear length guide will break and that causes the lift mechanism on the tray to bind and stop the lift motor and it will throw the code.

Next, if that isn’t the problem you will need to look at the tray lift  motor tension spring.  These break and will cause the 60.X errors also. see illustration

Tray Lift Motor and Tension Spring
Lift Motor/Tension Spring

It’s always nice to have an extra spring in your goody box, but we all know that’s would be to good to actually happen.  Most of the time I can find the broken spring inside the machine or the customer found it and saved it.  Just reform the spring and viola your back in business!

That’s it!  This isn’t too difficult of a problem to fix you just have to know where to look.  I will have a repair video for this very soon.  Keep and eye out for it.




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