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WTF Does “Misprint” Mean?

What is a “misprint”?    It’s another term Hewlett Packard has come up with to describe a paper jam in their laser printers.  The new error code associated with it is 13.0000.   The earlier version of this would be 13.01 .  The confusion comes from people not knowing what a misprint is.  We are  so used to using the term “paper jam” or “mis-feed”  that we believe it has to be a serious problem and we ” overplay this “misprint” thing… help!

Here are the definitions for the term misprint.


Mis`print´   Pronunciation: mĭs`prĭnt´
noun: misprint; plural noun: misprints
misprint – a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind ;  misprint – print incorrectly
source WordNet Dictionary

Hewlett Packard Description of a Misprint
Source – HP pro 400 m451dn printer service guide

Misprint Press [OK]
Paper has been delayed as it moves through the product.
Recommended action
Press the OK button to clear the message.
To avoid this problem, try the following solutions:
1. Adjust the paper guides in the tray. Make sure the front paper guide is pushing the paper against the back edge of the tray.
2. Use paper that meets HP specifications. Store paper unopened in its original packaging.
3. Use the product in an area that meets the environmental specifications for this product.

In the newer color laser printers “Misprint” is used to differentiate between a regular paper jam and a paper jam that is not sent within the correct timing of the machine.  Here’s what happens step by step in a color printer with misprint problems.

At the beginning of a print job the information is sent from the computer to the printer.  The image has already been created on the ITB (Intermediate Transfer Belt) ahead of time . The full image is laid onto the ITB with each color of toner used in the document.  The paper did not feed correctly and  in this situation the paper never makes it to the registration sensor.  Everything in a printer is precisely timed, so the toner is about to be wasted and sent to the waste toner bin.  Now, because that image is unusable the machine begins to clean the ITB which is the “Cleaning Mode”. Then after all this is over the machine will give the message of  “Misprint”.This terminology is not limited to just color machines it also is used in Black and white or monochrome printers.  Again, the description is the same “Paper has been delayed as it moves through the product”.  So there you go, “Misprint” just means that you have a paper jam, so you can relax and remove your paper jam without any stress at all.



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