Paper Feed Solenoid Kits

HP RK2-0269 Paper Feed Solenoid Repair Instructions

RK2-0269Paper feed solenoids are the single most
neglected problem hp laser jet printers have.  I have followed technicians who could not figure out why they were having jamming problems but did not even mention the solenoid.  Paper feed solenoids should always be suspect when you begin diagnosing an HP printer that is jamming.

This site includes many articles and how-to videos on testing and replacing  paper feed solenoids .  I believe its an important issue, hence the amount of time and effort i have put into it as you will see if you’ve browsed my website.  I myself repair HP printers and use this information quite often.

In this article and videos, it shows what I believe to be a professional way of repairing these type of hp solenoids that are used in almost all of hp laser jets.  Watch the videos and let me know if you find that to be true.

I am offering the videos free to everyone to use as a “how to” but you must first have a material to replace the old material.  Think about getting the material or the complete repair kit from  me.  “Why?” you ask… Here is my sales pitch.

Sales Pitch
When I began working on HP printers I kept stock of a few different types of new OEM Hewlett Packard Paper Feed Solenoids.  They were and still are not cheap.  I replaced quite a few each month.  I really didn’t want to install used Solenoids.  I’ve had company’s send me used solenoids and they were often worst than the ones I was replacing. In the back of my mind I was thinking it would be great if a company would offer this material or a kit that would replace the pad.  Somehow make a convenient replacement pad so that I wouldn’t have to spend so much time, money and  feeling kind of guilty throwing away a perfectly good solenoid that the only thing wrong with it was a bad pad.

So I set out to find a good replacement material and cut them myself, and I did.   It has taken me some time to do all of this but so worth it.  I created a little kit I can carry and thought how handy it was.  Each kit is pre-cut and the material lasts and has a good sticky back tape to install easily which is what I was looking for.

You should always be prepared and feel good about your fix.  Watch the videos and follow the links.

“Better Than OEM”  Paper Feed Solenoid Repair Kit!




Pads come in a neat little match type container that keeps them safe until you use them!
Pads come in a neat little match type container that keeps them safe until you use them!


Comes in Packs of 10 with an addition of 2 more as a BONUS!
Comes in Packs of 10 with an addition of 2 more as a BONUS!










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