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HP Laser Jet – Not Picking up Paper / Jamming at feed, Overview and Solution.

Problem: Most Models; Paper Jams / Not picking up paper from tray.


Error codes: 13.01, 13.30, 13.A2.D2,  13.A3.D3, 13.0000, Misprint.
Error messages you may see on display. (These are different error codes for the same problem on different HP Laser Jet Printers). 

Solution: If you have multiple paper trays, Locate the tray that is having the jamming problem.
Note: Can you use a different tray until the problem is resolved?

Solution Continued: Pull out the paper tray completely from machine.
Remove all paper and discard any damaged paper. Check paper tray size guides and adjust them to correct sizes. Such as 81/2 X 11.

Note: There normally are length and width guides. To adjust them squeeze the blue lever, (Most are Blue not all) until they are set to correct sizes. If the guides are too tight or too loose it can cause jamming /not picking up the paper.
Look for broken guides. If they are broken, you can use packing tape to temporarily keep the guides in place.

Correct Fanning of Paper:  Fanning the paper introduces static electricity. Instead of fanning the paper, flex the stack by holding it at each end and bringing the ends up forming a U shape. Then, rotate the ends down to reverse the U shape. Next, hold each side of the stack of paper, and repeat this process. This process releases individual sheets without introducing static electricity. Straighten the paper stack against a table before returning it to the tray.


Paper Feed Rollers: It is possible that the Paper Feed Rollers are worn out. You can try cleaning them until new rollers are installed. There are normally three rollers that are used in HP Laser Jet Printers. There is “One in the paper tray” and the other two are inside the machine.
(Located on top of the “Tray Roller” when the tray is closed). You can use 409 or some type of soapy water and a cloth towel. Clean the entire surface of roller then use the dry part of the towel to remove excess.


Let me know if this helps or if you need some help, Thanks for Reading!