My goal for this blog is to build our communication such as questions and answers here in the comment field so they are documented for everyone’s benefit.  Real life problems, real life answers.  If you have a question please make a comment and I will reply to it,  or you can email me at…


Give me 24 to 48 hours and I will reply  to your question or comment.





8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, I ordered a new laser unit for a printer. I have the laser unit and the instructions. Do you think it’s wise to just do it myself? I have an pretty good understanding of printers and I am good a taking things a part and putting them back together, but I am not an IT expert at all. I need to take apart the entire machine to do it, but the instructions are very clear. The warranty on the printer is up and I’m pretty sure I can do it. Thoughts?

  2. i have a Brother MFC8810dw Copier/Fax Machine and I have snapped both paper tray backstops. Do you have any DIY repair ideas or know of kits for other machines that would fit?

    1. Sorry Jay I don’t have much info if any on that machine. You will have to purchase the tray. Now that I said that, I would go to EBAY and you may find a used or new one fairly inexpensive.

  3. Hi Izzy, I have an HP 4100n that I believe has a solenoid pad problem. Is there anywhere that I can purchase your repair kit? I didn’t find it on Ebay.

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